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The Unique Retractable Golf Net

Introducing the Most Versatile Golf Net Ever!!

The unique Huxley Rotanet® is a fully retractable and portable golf practice net.

Unobtrusive and convenient, it is the one used and recommended by golf pros, coaches and teaching establishments for practising your golf shots. Our unique, patented design with revolutionary retractable mechanism can be used indoors or out and is extremely robust with weather-resistant features. All this, and it can be set up or stowed away in just two minutes!

Price: £355.00

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Huxley Rotanet® 3 Features

Practice has never been so easy

If you are serious about improving your golf swing and lowering your handicap - you need to practise. For most of us, taking time out to visit the local driving range or golf club where practice facilities may already be in use could be difficult. The new Huxley Rotanet® 3 offers the solution.

The Huxley Rotanet® 3 is a revolutionary space saving, fully retractable golf practice net with easy set-up. Ideal for use in large or small gardens, on the patio or indoors (with the optional portable frame). Set up takes just 2 minutes.

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For expert advice and assistance call the
Huxley Golf sales team on +44 (0)1962 733222

Ready to Use

Ready to Use in Just 2 Minutes

Rotanet now makes it possible to practice at any time. You can easily hit 50 balls before teeing off for that all important medal or competition.

After practice, Rotanet can be retracted just as quickly and can either be left in-situ with that weatherproof cover fitted, or the complete assembly weighing just 14kg, can be removed and stored. Its specially designed spring loaded and patented rotation system allows full retraction after use.

Huxley Rotanet - Step 1
Huxley Rotanet - Step 2
Huxley Rotanet - Step 3
Huxley Rotanet - Step 4
Huxley Rotanet - Step 5

For expert advice and assistance call the
Huxley Golf sales team on +44 (0)1962 733222


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For expert advice and assistance call the
Huxley Golf sales team on +44 (0)1962 733222

Ready to Use
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Alison Nicholas

Former US Women's Open Champion European Team Captain for the Solheim Cup 2009 and 2011
“It's quick and simple to set up, takes up very little space and allows me to practise my shots. I can thoroughly recommend the Huxley Rotanet to all golfers who want to improve their game.”

Geoffrey Boycott OBE

Former England Test Cricketer
“The Huxley Rotanet is durable, easy to use and allows me to practise my game in the comfort of my own surroundings whenever I like.”

Stephen Gallacher

European Tour Professional
“It takes less than two minutes to get the Rotanet up and running and it's great to be able to practise at home whenever I want.”

David Edwards

Trick Shot Golfer
“It really is a first-class piece of kit. The complete assembly not only looks superb but is extremely well designed. I am more than happy to recommend the Huxley Rotanet as an ideal practice aid for golfers of all ages.”
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For expert advice and assistance call the
Huxley Golf sales team on +44 (0)1962 733222


Mats, Accessories & Special Offer Packages

Hux Mat 200

The Hux Mat 200 is our exceptional quality all-weather practice mat – ideal for intermediate keen golfers.

Drop Mat

Ideal for use with the Portable Indoor frame.  It fits between the arms of the frame to deaden the ball bounce when used on hard surfaces.

Hux Mat 300

The Hux Mat 300 is a larger alternative to the Hux Mat 200 for extra durability and wear - ideal for intermediate keen golfers.

Portable Indoor Frame

This high quality portable frame fits together easily to allow use of the Huxley Rotanet indoors or on almost any hard surface.

Hux Mat 400

The Hux Mat 400 is our premier quality all-weather professional practice mat featuring a soft, realistic feel.

Birdie Package

Huxley Rotanet 3 and Nylon Practice Tee Mat.
You Save: £91.70

Albatross Package

Huxley Rotanet 3, Portable Indoor Frame, Nylon Practice Mat, Drop Mat.
You Save: £139.59

Eagle Package

Huxley Rotanet 3, Nylon Practice Tee Mat and Huxley 9ft Training Aid.
You Save: £163.70

Hole in One Package

Huxley Rotanet 3, Drop Mat, Huxley Practice Tee Mat, Portable Indoor Frame and 4ft x 12ft Modular Putting Green with Premier Pro Surface. You Save: £280.88

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